The specific business of Montefibre, mainly requires people graduated in scientific and technical faculties: Engineering (chemical, mechanical, electronic, process management, energy) Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry and or holding a diploma in the following areas: Textiles and Dyeing technology, Chemistry, Mechanics, Electrotechnics or an equivalent High School Leaving Certificate in the above-mentioned fields.\r\nEntry level positions for graduates in technical/scientific areas are mainly within the plant technology and production fields.
Technology in plant procedures, Production Administration, Maintenance, Engineering, Research, Technology and Development.The Company's Policy, based on consistent generational turnover, over the medium and long term periods, is to promote the differences in professional experience with the intent to encourage the professional development and the differences in the progress made by the individual, who will take part in various in-house training programs during the course of his or her first few years in the company.
These courses will mainly deal with organisational methods and other fields necessary for his or her development.
Entry level positions for diploma-holders in technical/scientific areas are principally within the plant technology fields: Production and maintenance, and assistance in technical and development applications within the commercial sector of the business.
The Company's Policy is to promote the consolidation of the young diploma-holder's professional skills through periods of in-house training and a gradual transition towards different positions within the company dictated by ergonomic applications of their growing resources.
The procedures for selecting new staff are carried out directly by the company itself. The nominees are chosen through applications (CV's) sent by the applicants themselves, job-searching structures within the universities, contacts with Technological institutes, or through advertisements in national newspapers.
There then follow a series of interviews with representatives from the personnel office and specific departments representing various functions within the company, which also involve top-level company management.\r\nNormally this means a series of tests to examine the candidate's specific skills and aptitudes followed by individual interviews, to establish the candidates level of motivation, personal capabilities and technical aptitude as well as introducing him or her to the characteristics of the job and company values. sto